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  Teach Me Again. Official KEA Video with the song "Teach Me Again" playing in the background; Teach Me Again is a duet between the Queen of Rock n' Roll, Tina Turner and Italian Singer Elisa.


  05/06/2006 Protest Video. Members of the KEA protest at the Governor's Annual Derby Breakfast.


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Kentucky Equality Federation is a proud member of the International Lesbian and Gay Association.






09/09/2008: Kentucky Equality Federation, Kentucky Equality PAC, Marriage Equality Kentucky, and Marriage Equality USA condemn the prayer activities of Republican Presidential nominee John McCain's running mate, Gov. Sarah Palin's church.

08/16/2008: Marriage Equality Kentucky is launched with other activists to bring marriage equality to Kentucky. (more)

06/24/2008: Same-sex couples from Kentucky begin traveling to California to get married.  Coalition begins to share relationship stories.

06/13/2008: Will you be traveling from the Commonwealth of Kentucky to the State of California to get married? Tell us about your wedding plans!

04/10/2008:  Kentucky Equality Federation announces the formation of a strategic coalition alliance with the Libertarian Party of Kentucky to bring equality and fairness to the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

03/27/2008: Kentucky Equality Federation questions Middlesboro Daily News article and condemns so-called Aryan Bash 2008.

03/14/2008: Kentucky Equality Federation upgrades Equality Center and schedules membership drive beginning in May.

01/08/2008: Kentucky Equality Federation and Bluegrass Fairness of Central Kentucky announce the first LGBT lobby day of the 2008 legislative session.

12/15/2007:  General Advisory Council statement on pre-filed House Bill BR-204.

12/12/2007:  Kentucky Equality Federation condemns House pre-filed Bill BR-204 and labels it the "Anti-Healthcare Equality Bill."

11/29/2007:  Kentucky Equality Federation begin boycott against Wal-Mart and Sam's Club.


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11/15/2007:  Kentucky Equality Federation seeks better healthcare coverage for Kentuckians by defining "domestic partner."

07/30/2007: Kentucky Equality Federation and Kentucky Gay-Straight Alliance Coalition join allies in fighting for domestic-partner benefits. (press release courtesy of Kentucky Fairness Alliance)

06/22/2007: Kentucky Equality Federation to give $25,000.00 to Gay-Straight Alliances across Kentucky.

06/09/2007: Kentucky Equality Federation condemns the nomination of the University of Kentucky's Dr. Holsinger as U.S. Surgeon General.

03/27/2007: Kentucky Equality Federation holds a reception for the 2007 Soulforce Equality Ride.


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03/08/2007: Kentucky Equality Federation wins the 2007 Social Justice Impact Award, $10,000.00 and promotional support from MySpace.

02/23/2007: Kentucky Equality Federation to host a community reception for Soulforce Equality Ride's trip to Kentucky.


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02/22/2007: Hundreds turn out to fight for gay rights at the Kentucky Capitol.


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02/17/2007: Kentucky Equality Federation is a finalist to win $10,000.00 from MySpace for the 2007 Social Justice Award.

02/01/2007: Kentucky Equality Federation pledges to triple funding and support to Gay-Straight Alliances in Kentucky educational facilities.

01/08/2007: An article about Kentucky Equality Federation [written by Brandi Walker, our Louisville Awareness Representative] is featured on Page 2 of the Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church Newsletter. The Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church is located in Louisville, KY.

12/01/2006: Kentucky Equality Appoints a Federation Vice President and an Awareness Representative for Louisville, KY.

11/28/2006: December 1st is World AIDS Day. Click here to read our blog entry about it. Members should login to the OnLine Members Center to find a World AIDS Day event near you.

11/24/2006: Kentucky Equality Federation comments on possible Black Friday protests of Wal-Mart.

11/22/2006: Kentucky Equality Federation comments on anti-gay protests held at the Wal-Mart in Richmond, KY. Conservative Christians declare victory; Wal-Mart folds to their demands.

10/24/2006: Kentucky Equality Federation condemns comments made by Representative Fischer (R-Fort Thomas) and plans a protest rally outside Northern Kentucky University prior to the debate with his opponent, Linda Klembara (D-Fort Thomas).

10/07/2006: Join the Northern Kentucky Chapter of the Kentucky Equality Federation at an event held by NKU's Common Ground on "National Coming Out Day."

09/22/2006: Kentucky Equality Federation management now satisfied with Northern Kentucky University's response to a complaint involving a gay student.

09/19/2006: Kentucky Equality Federation condemns Northern Kentucky University's lack of response to vandalism against a gay student. The Federation is preparing for possible legal action against the university.

09/05/2006: Kentucky Equality Federation offers new services to report hate crimes, discrimination, and school bullying; Federation to act as a buffer.

08/22/2006:  Steak n' Shake manager in Louisville, KY told Kentucky Equality Federation members "fags you gotta go."

08/18/2006:  Kentucky Equality Praises Progress; New Federal Pension Law Includes Measures for the LGBT Community.

07/20/2006:  Boone County High School Site-Based Council approves Gay-Straight Alliance after months of delays and the possibility of a lawsuit from the Kentucky Equality Association; the organizer, Nick Herweck, gets support from organizations and groups across two states.

07/19/2006:  The Kentucky Equality Association responds to negative comments made by Northern Kentucky Senator Dick Roeding.

07/14/2006:  The Kentucky Equality Association praises the University of Louisville's Board of Trustees for voting to include domestic partners of employees in the university’s health benefits program.

06/07/2006: The Kentucky Equality Association condemns the Federal Marriage Amendment and Kentucky's U.S. Representative Geoff Davis for his response to opponents of the amendment. 

6/01/2006:  The Kentucky Equality Association sends letter and information on Gay-Straight Alliances to Boone County High School; promises to continue monitoring the formation of the club.  

05/03/2006:  Members of the Kentucky Equality Association will lead a silent protest during the Governor's Derby Breakfast. 

04/25/2006:  The Kentucky Equality Association condemns Governor Fletcher's decision not to veto funding to the University of the Cumberlands. 

04/19/2006:  The Kentucky Equality Association comments on Senator Williams's visit to the University of the Cumberlands and state funding to a school that practices discrimination. 

04/16/2006:  The Kentucky Equality Organization joins the Kentucky Fairness Alliance in asking Governor Fletcher to veto funding to the University of the Cumberlands. (PDF - requires Adobe Acrobat*)




11/04/2008: Federation President Palmer issued a statement this morning about about anti-LGBT amendments in Arkansas, Arizona, California, and Florida. (more)

06/02/2008: "Governor Beshear has taken this  position [to protect LGBT people] not because it's safe, or political, but because it is the right thing to do," - Kentucky Equality Federation President Jordan Palmer regarding Governor Beshear's new Executive Order protecting gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people from discrimination in Kentucky Government. (more)

06/11/2007:  Kentucky Equality Federation's online presence for the virtual world and today's youth gets the attention of the Michigan Non-Profit Association.

06/01/2007: Kentucky Equality Federation comments about Kentucky Attorney General Greg Stumbo's ruling that Kentucky domestic-partner benefits are unconstitutional. Includes official comments from Federation President Jordan Palmer.

12/27/2006: Kentucky Equality Federation and other organizations will rally for equality and fairness on February 22, 2007. Click here to sign-up now!

10/18/2006: "We cannot allow any elected official to second-guess the judgment and decisions of our local governments or institutions. They have a better understanding of what's in the best interests of their community." - Kentucky Equality Federation President Jordan Palmer regarding Representative Lee's filing of a bill to prohibit domestic partnership benefits at Kentucky schools. [Lexington Herald-Leader]

09/15/2006: Kentucky Equality President Jordan Palmer responds to media questions about the future of the LGBT movement in the commonwealth. Includes rebuttals to statements made by Senate President Williams, Senator Roeding, and Representative Lee about introducing legislation to remove any domestic partnership benefits approved by Kentucky's universities.

09/09/2006:  Kentucky LGBT Community Sustains Record Number of Attacks (within weeks); Update on Northern Kentucky University. "Education and exposure to diversity in non-threatening environments promotes tolerance; it is critical this occur during high-school and college, when individual minds are significantly more open to social diversity. Jordan Palmer, president of Kentucky Equality Federation spoke with Mike Volmer, co-president of Common Ground at Northern Kentucky University; the Federation offered Common Ground financial and material aid, and plan to meet next week."

09/08/2006:  Action Alert - Northern Kentucky University Hate Crime.  "We would definitely like for the administration to take a more hands-on approach with this," said Kentucky Equality Federation President Jordan Palmer. "I don't think realistically they'll ever find out who did it, but (administrators) could issue a statement in the school newspaper, for instance ... that you don't target people like this. This isn't acceptable behavior."

06/20/2006:  The Kentucky Equality Association condemns the Pentagon's Defense Department Instruction document which lists homosexuality as a "mental defeat" along with mental retardation, impulse control disorders and personality disorders. (more)

06/07/2006:  Federation for Kentucky Equality, Inc.: Federal Gay Marriage Amendment Goes Down in Flames in the U.S. Senate.


Nick Herweck, chapter president for the Northern Region calls on all fair-minded Northern Kentuckians to join him at Boone County High School (7056 Burlington Pike, Florence, KY 41042) on June 14, 2006 at 6:30 PM EST to support the formation of a Gay-Straight Alliance at the school.


The Kentucky Equality Association (KEA) is giving full cooperation to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in opposing the proposed Federal Marriage Amendment.

Click here to sign the petition. The KEA will do everything possible to increase awareness of this issue for the ACLU.


I was outraged when I read a comment from Senate President Williams that calls and emails to the governor's office "mean little." The telephone calls and emails to the commonwealth's chief executive is a perfect example of "the people" voicing their opinions directly, and holding their government accountable. If President Williams doesn't see that, or cannot acknowledge that, then maybe he needs to reconsider running for re-election. - Jordan Palmer, president


The Lexington Herald-Leader has an online poll asking "Is homosexuality a sin?" Voice your onion! (more)


To appose Senate Bill 236 we will be joining the Kentucky Fairness Alliance at the Capital Annex building in Frankfort at 8:00 AM EST on Thursday, March 23, 2006.