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Marriage Equality Kentucky is a grassroots movement that seeks legal recognition of gender-neutral marriage throughout the commonwealth of Kentucky.

Jack Conway’s sudden change of heart for marriage equality

Marriage Equality Kentucky - We the People of the Commonwealth of Kentucky demand equality!The Board of Regents of Marriage Equality Kentucky looks at Attorney General Jack Conway’s sudden “change of heart” as political posturing in his move to become Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Only months ago, Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway’s Office stated in brief (in Kentucky Equality Federation v. Commonwealth – Case # 13-CI-1074): Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway claims a married same-sex couple, “does NOT have standing to challenge Kentucky’s definition of marriage,” and that our claim, as well as that of our individual members, does not qualify as an “injury.”

Likewise, Governor Steve Beshear’s attorney asked the Court to “deny that Plaintiffs are entitled to the requested relief or ANY other relief whatsoever.”

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